As homeschool parents we have a lot on our shoulders. Not only do we have the enormous task of raising healthy, independent kids, but we have taken on the task of providing our kids with well-rounded educations as well. We may have different avenues we take to achieve our goals, but our goals are all ultimately the same.  The thing we all want as home educators is to give our kids a memorable, thorough and beautiful experience they will take with them for the rest of their lives and that experience will set them up for a joyful adulthood where they will never stop wanting to learn.

Many times to pressures of being the minority in educational choices, disapproval of those around us, or numerous other things will cause us to question what we’re doing. In our hearts, we love our homeschool days. They are messy and loud and frustrating sometimes, but we know deep down that we wouldn’t trade this season of life for the world. But with all the voices out there, we doubt our efforts and question what we are doing as homeschool parents.

Learning Well Community was created for the homeschool parent who is eager to learn more about this homeschooling journey. Growing stops when the learning stops and I know we all want our homeschool experience to always grow and enrich every year we set out on this journey. Here at Learning Well we’ll provide homeschool parents with resources and courses to set them on the path of learning more about homeschooling and teaching their children. You’ll find resources on specific subjects and general topics of home educating.

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Alicia Hutchinson is the founder and creator of Learning Well Community. Being a long-time blogger on home, mom life, and homeschooling, she decided to take her online life a step further and develop this community of homeschooling parents as a resource to inspire and encourage. Alicia lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her banker and four children.

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Elena McCoy is the virtual assistant behind Learning Well Community. She organizes and runs our weekly Day in the Life of a Homeschool Mama series on Instagram, operates the main site and the resource and course pages, answers tons of emails, and helps keep this community going. Elena is the homeschool mama to her four children and lives with her family in Chesapeake, Virginia.

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